Raw! Photo™ Advanced DNG Camera App for iPhone iPad iOS

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The most advanced mobile device camera app available on the market today!
Take great raw DNG and JPG photos with complete camera control just like your favorite DSLR!

• Raw DNG Photos: True uncompressed Raw DNG photos.
• JPG Photos: High resolution JPG photos.
• Digital Zoom: Up to 100x digital zoom.
• Touch Screen Focus and Exposure: Touch screen for quick and easy focus and exposure setting.
• Burst Mode: Up to continuous 10 frames per second photo capture.
• Exposure Bracketing: Create exposure bracketed photos in single, burst, time-delay, and time-lapse modes.
• Full EXIF Data: Complete EXIF data per image viewable in app.
• Image Stabilizer Control: Turn on/off digital image stabilizer.
• Time Delay: Settings for time delay photos.
• Time Lapse: Take time-lapse photos with ease.
• Stop Motion: Make great stop motion animations with full camera control.
• Playback Viewer: You can playback and view your time-lapse and stop motion projects at selected frame rates from within the app.
• Photo Size: Select maximum, large, medium, small photo sizes.
• Fast Focus: Turn on and off fast auto focus.
• High Resolution: Allows app to capture the highest resolution available for your camera.
• Focus Mode: Lock, momentary auto, and continous auto focus modes.
• Image Type: Choose JPG, Raw DNG, or Both formats of image capture.
• Photo Sharing: Immediately share you JPG, Raw DNG, and EXIF data from within app.
• Copy Photo: Copy JPG photos from app to your device's Photo Album.
• iTunes File Sharing: Get all of your photos and EXIF data onto your computer with file sharing.
• Save Location: Choose to save JPGs in the app, to your device's Photo Album, or both.
• Flash Mode: Set flash to full auto, on, or off.
• Front/Back Camera: Easily switch between back and front cameras.
• Camera/Video Light: Turn on/off your video camera light with adjustable power level.
• Crop Marks: Built in set of popular crop marks.
• User Settings: All user settings are automatically saved.
• User Guide: Includes in-app user guide for quick and easy mastering of camera app.
• Exposure: Full manual exposure control as well as exposure lock, momentary auto, continuous auto, time priority, and ISO priority modes.
• White Balance: Full manual white balance control from 1,000 to 10,000 kelvin and -150 to +150 tint as well as white balance lock, momentary auto, and continuous auto modes.
• Real-time Exposure Values: View real-time ISO and shutter values as they continuously update.
• And much more!

Note: Requires iOS 10 or higher.

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