Drawing Pad+™ WiFi for iPhone iPad iOS

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WiFi Paired Synchronized Drawing Pad!

*** Chosen by Apple for Best Design at WWDC 2014 ***

Create multicolor drawings and sketches with others as you make them! Drawing Pad+ lets you pair up with other devices to create synchronized drawings together in real-time and share them quickly and easily.

Or just use it alone for your own drawing and sketching fun! You can also import photos and images for tracing and doodling. Great for work, school, and play!

Mix and Match Device-Type Pairing • Real-Time Shared Multicolor Drawing • Finger Touch Crosshair Pointer • Import Photos and Images • Undo, Redo, Clear, Save, Erase • Change Line Color, Width, and Alpha Value • Round and Square Line Styles • 9 Color History Bar • Turn Grid Background On and Off • Share using Message, Email, Facebook, Twitter • Print, Copy, Set as Background • Set as Contact Image • And more!

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